Services to almshouse charities

  • Almshouse Management: A third of our stock is managed on behalf of other almshouse charities throughout the London area.  This leaves their trustees in overall control of the almshouses whilst we manage the day to day operations, thus improving services for residents
  • Repairs and Building Management Services: Where almshouse trustees wish to continue to manage the almshouses but would like help to ensure their buildings and repairs are of the highest order
  • Mergers: In the last few years we have merged with a number of almshouse charities where trustees have decided the best interests of their residents are served in this way and wish to retain the almshouse ethos

Almshouse charities managed by us

  • Butchers & Drovers Charitable Institute, 12 units in Hounslow
  • Waltham Abbey Non-Educational Parochial Charities, 11 units in Waltham Abbey
  • West Hackney Almshouse Charity, 9 units in Hackney
  • St. Giles in the Fields, 8 units in Covent Garden (repairs & maintenance service only)

Discussions continue with other almshouse charities and we look forward to serving a wider community as the organisation grows and develops

How we work

Together with managing our own almshouses, the management services undertaken show the variety of ways in which Harrison Housing has been able to pursue its charitable objectives and serve a large number of older people in the specialist area of housing and supporting older people and to strengthen the almshouse movement

Enquires about our services continue on a regular basis as we work closely in cooperation with the Almshouse Association, trustees, local authorities, the Homes and Communities Agency and other funding bodies in order to provide an efficient and effective service

We are always delighted to hear from other almshouse charities and seek to serve this unique community.
If you have a need for assistance and are in the London area please do not hesitate to contact us.